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Also called the Fashion Capital of India, Bangalore keeps pace with the latest trends and fashion. In fact it is believed that fashion for the entire country takes its birth in Bangalore. It is the youth of Bangalore who change to the latest trends in Fashion in tune with International Fashion. One can see the fast changes in fashion among the youth if one goes through the famous Mahatma Gandhi Road and the Brigade Road. Along with fashion, Bangaloreans love fun, music, dance and anything in the name of Entertainment. If it is good entertainment you are looking for, then it is this city you have to be. Bangalore is a regular host to many events in dance, music and other exhibitions

Bangalore is a city, which not only has a large number of cinema halls but is also famous for its nightlife. The city is full of life till late in the night with people visiting cinema halls for late night shows, disco clubs and night clubs. Bangalore has a thriving club culture. Some of its clubs have a history stretching as far back as the heydays of the British Raj. Recent times have seen the springing up of a number of weekend resorts in and around Bangalore. So whether you prefer outdoor activity, pub hopping, eating out, dancing or just relaxing by the pool at a swanky resort with your family, Bangalore offers you a host of choices. Some of the older clubs in Bangalore are: The Bangalore Club, Century Club and the Bowring Institute. Some of the newer clubs and resorts include California Resorts, Eagleton Golf Village, Karnataka Golf Association, The Club, Manipal County, Club Cabana and the Country Club.

The internet revolution also has its share in providing entertainment to the people of Bangalore. As it is well known that Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, the people have also got into the groove of the technology. Cybercafes have become a way of life in Bangalore with hundreds of them in almost every area of Bangalore. Recent times have also seen the mushrooming of many amusement arcades in Bangalore. These arcades offer facilities like video games, bowling alleys, karaoke parlours, cyber terminals etc. Another recent phenomenon is the concept of amusement parks near Bangalore. These are mainly places for family entertainment and they include facilities like huge swimming pools and water slides.

Adventure Sport
Bangalore is the best place to experience adventure sports in India. From waterfalls to rough terrain, lakes and centuries old caves, Bangalore has lots to offer explorers. You can enjoy aero sports, river rafting, rides at amusement parks, boating on lakes, fishing, go karting, para gliding, cave exploration, cycling and what not! There is a great variety of adventure sports related activities. You just need to be at the right place and enjoy your favorite adventure sport.

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Cinema Seats

Bangalore is India's first city to some up with multiplexes. Although the city has thriving club culture and does not have much cinema halls, yet you can watch good movies at some of the multiplexes here. Starting with the Innovative Multiplex at Marathahalli and Priya Village Roadshow (PVR) in Koramangala, a host of others - I-Max on Magrath Road, GESCO Lido Center on Swami Vivekananda Road, and Sigma on Cunningham Road

Bangalore is often called as city of rhythms and hues. The city has a perfect amalgam of Indian Classical and Western Music that is passion for people. They have their own bands performing regularly. Western Music in Bangalore has its various lovers, from jazz, blue, rock and classical Carnatic music. There are several coaching centers and schools which makes one well versed with classic music. DJ wars are also famous among people and are most attended

Music Concert

Yakshagana is one of the oldest - traditional and popular vernacular dance forms of Karnataka. You can attend to a cultural night and watch the colorful and traditional dances of the city. For night buffs, there are several discotheques in the town which will make you dance to its tunes. Western dance schools are also situated in the city providing best of the training.

Theartre performance

Theater industry in this reign is very well developed. People of Bangalore have love for arts and this art has its epical influence over people. There are folk theaters, contemporary theaters and language theaters. If you have interest then visit some of the theater workshops in the city and you will surely enjoy it.

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